Morgan Elise Badger

Morgan Elise Badger(Mori Fae) is a cosplayer located in the Midwestern United States, she is a dancer, alternative model, game developer, voice actress and artist.


Morgan is also fond of anime and video games.


As a cosplayer, she loves to bring her favorite characters into life, she especially enjoys including indie game characters in her works, like Iris (REalM: Walk of Soul) or Madotsuki (Yume Nikki)


As a model, Morgan likes to play with colors and original designs for her photos, combining her art, hobbies and passions.


Morgan also has a development blog where she posts character design and progress for her upcoming game projects, Akiyo and Dreaming Tootsie.


She is also wishing to produce Alternative Rock music in the future.

As voice actress she did the C.V. for Luna Herz in the independent game Vindictive Drive.


Morgan loves to support her friends' hobbies using her artistic interests and media, bringing smiles and positivity to every event she is part of.

gallery/luna herz

Luna Herz, an original design by Morgan.